In 2018, the famous Swiss watch brand Hublot promoted the FIFA World Cup for the third time as an official partner. The football event ended in a wonderful ending, and the French team finally won the championship trophy. Hublot invited thousands of guests to watch the game and enjoy the passion of football. Hublot’s fourth referee timing card for the event, which yielded a fairly high exposure during the 30-day match day, which lasted for 20 minutes. At the same time, the fans are looking forward to the watch masterpiece BIG BANG 2018 Russia World Cup referee watch with associated door line technology, fulling of stunning appearance on the field.

Hublot 2018 Russia World Cup Referee Timepiece

Hublot Countdown Clock

“This month-long football event has witnessed countless wonderful showdowns, enthusiasm and exciting moments. The final contest is more than expected. And Hublot has been successfully crowned in its own World Cup. The brand has been exposed on TV for 20 minutes and has invested millions times. In addition, the thousands of guests joined our ‘Hublot Loves Football’ event to watch 64 games and enjoy the passion of football. Hublot BIG BANG 2018 Russia’s World Cup referee watch has recorded 163 goals, and will use digital storage to seal the 21st World Cup results and the name of the team”, said Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot watches.

Ricardo Guadalupe and Nicky Jam

Usain Bolt, Ricardo Guadalupe and Nicky Jam

Hublot Good Friend, French Team Coach Didier Deschamps

Björn Kuipers Wears the Big Bang 2018 FIFA World Cup Referee Watch

British Head Coach Gareth Southgate Wears Big Bang 2018 World Cup Official Watch

Argentina’s Head Coach Jorge Sampaoli Becomes A Friend of Hublot

Russian Team Head Coach Stanislav Tchertchessov Becomes A Friend of Hublot

The Moment of Hublot’s Word Cup

Sharing Passion

Hublot invites customers and brand friends to attend the Word Cup to watch the game. During the past month, thousands of guests enjoyed the passion of this football event. The rich experience has become a powerful bond between the brand and the customer.

Honours Showing on the Field

BIG BANG 2018 Russian World Cup Referee watch had won the highest exposure in 64 games on 12 courses, with a total appearance time of more than 20 minutes. Up to now, the BIG BANG 2018 Russian World Cup referee watch worn by the referee’s wrist and connected with the video assistant referee system has 163 vibrations. This watch, popular with football fans, is used to record World Cup dynamics in real time. It has a variety of reminder functions, including 15 minute pre-game reminders, yellow/red card penalty, player replacement and goal reminders. This referee watch also provides information on the statistics of the event, the score, the number of red and yellow cards, the name of the team member, the player’s replacement and the length of the game.

In this year’s World Cup, Hublot shined just like the previous years, appearing in the most eye-catching position on the court, especially the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ used to show the schedule time, player substitution or injury time. This referee timepiece has become one of the most eye-catching focal points of major international football events, symbolizing Hublot’s leading position in football.


CASE SIZE: 49 mm

CASE: Polished and Satin-finished Titanium

BEZEL: Polished and Satin-finished Titanium

STRAP: Black Structured lined Rubber Straps, Additional Sponge sport strap with HUBLOT logo + 2018 World Cup logo

MOVEMENT: Powered by INTEL®, Wear OS by Google, technology developed by LVMH