You may have seen the colorful pop art-style polyhedral beast statue by French sculptor Richard Orlinski elsewhere. For example, the huge “Wild Kong” gorilla statue of Cannes Croisette, the crocodile statue in the sun-drenched Miami design district and the 5m tall bear statue on the Courchevel trail. Each sculpture is very shocking for people. If the art of sculpture is applied to the design of the watch, there will be some unexpected gains.

The carving time belongs to Richard Orlinski
Richard is happy to accept the challenge and never stop meeting the difficulty. Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski special edition polygon watch uses the iconic face-cutting technique of Richard. The 12 faces on the bezel of this watch correspond to the digital scale on the dial of the watch!

As an artist who respects extraordinary craftsmanship, Richard has incorporated both retro and neo-futuristic art styles into the design of this watch, which is the same as his work influenced by the Pop Art Movement. In his opinion, the watch pointer is a symbol of the future: it never stops rotating, meaning eternal. And coupled with this hollow dial design, it is the perfect interpretation of the space charm of the watch.

With the same spirit of devotional enthusiasm and excelsior attitude, this contemporary artist and Hublot have created this extraordinary work, opening the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. This piece of watch makes itself as the art and be a symbol of time at the same time!

To celebrate this collaboration, Richard and Hublot have chosen to showcase two special venues in the heart of Miami and the Miami Design District. They are: Hublot boutiques and the Markowicz Fine Art gallery, where displays the works of this artist.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Collection Orlinski Special Edition comes in four styles, each limited to 200 pieces. Either one is a 45mm diameter wristwork. In addition to this, there is also a diamond special edition watch, luxurious and refined.
The dial of the Hublot Classic Collection Richard Orlinski Special Edition is made of sapphire crystal, while the case, crown, bezel and buttons all contain different cuts.

Renowned for his outstanding sculptural work, Richard Orlinski injects a new artistic style into his watch, revealing a new and bold design. His design poses a huge challenge for Hublot: The case designed by Richard Orlinski is a three-dimensional folding style that must be modeled before cutting ceramic or titanium. These two materials also follow the artist’s signature craftsmanship: mirror finish. It’s amazing to showcase the innovative watch structure. The three-dimensional case is made of micro-bead blasted black ceramic material with 12 sides, extending to the bezel and crown that show a new bold three-dimensional outline of the case.