When I was a child, the Ultraman TV shows were especially exciting when Altman and little monster in one scene. But not each monster is evil. There is a monster that even Ultraman can’t bear to destroy.

As the melting pot of watches, Hublot can always use different materials to create different classic models, turning all the ideas into practical actions. There is a variety of opposite-sex watches that set off trend of watch industry. MP-05 “LaFerrari” represents an unparalleled masterpiece of Hublot. Every detail has the reason that you have to love.

First, oversized power support. MP-05 “LaFerrari” has an unprecedented history of 50 days of power reserve, perfectly matching the extraordinary features of this Ferrari’s latest sports car.
The collaboration between the watchmaker and the Ferrari team makes the watch and the car common to each other.
What’s more, the movement is equipped with not less than 637 parts and it is equipped with a tourbillon equipment that is the unique design for this timing. At the same time, the inner 11 barrels are arranged in a row like a spine and connected to each other. They do not affect each other in turn and can support each other, so the power reserve can reach 50 days.
These features are all enough to make this timepiece to be an excellent concept watch, at another hand, it is also a tribute to Ferrari’s special limited series “LaFerrari”.

Second, the perfect sports car shape. The MP-05 “LaFerrari” has an extremely refined design: sapphire transparent mirror with a complex line and black PVD-coated titanium through-the-back is reminiscent of the streamlined shape of the Ferrari “LaFerrari” sports car. The center top of case is made of titanium-embedded carbon fiber inserts, which further highlights the position of the winding crown. The crown of the set time is located under the case, which is cleverly integrated with the design for the mystery of “invisible view”.

Third, the self-winding box. Inspired by automotive world, box made of carbon fiber and Ferrari’s exclusive Schedoni leather can be automatically chain watch. While I didn’t find the answer. After all, it is limited to 50 pieces, which always has some special features to attract consumers.

Fourth, practical luminous coating. The numbers are covered with white SuperLuminova™ luminous coating to enhance the display of time.

Finally, watch is wrapped in a black natural rubber strap and fitted with black PVD titanium folding clasp. Under the powerful movement configuration of Hublot, the design of skeleton back is full of exquisite watchmaking technology.

In addition, it is really inconvenient for friends who are used to traditional reading. Every time people need to spend more time to consider the exact time.