From legendary football player Bailey, to world boxing champion GGG, to basketball superstar Dwyane Wade, to the world famous golfer Dustin Johnson and iconic sprinter Yushen Bolt, the luxury sports star team of watchmaker Hublot seems to have covered all popular sports. With the signing of the French national football team’s hero/Paris Saint-Germain football club striker Kilian Mbape, Hublot ushers in a new generation of talented athletes.

Born on December 20, 1998, Mbape is one of the youngest professional football players and is expected to be one of the greatest players of all time. At the age of 19, Mbape played as the main player in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He scored several key goals and helped the French team win the World Cup. He also won the World Cup Best Rookie of the World Cup in 2018. It has become the star of the world’s attention and praise. His outstanding performance at this year’s World Cup and his steady performance as a striker at the Paris Saint-Germain football club is a testament to this prediction.

The welcomes youngest brand ambassador of the Swiss famous watch Hublot in history of brand: Kylian Mbappe

Perhaps Hublot showcases the fusion of innovation, technology and materials that has greatly attracted him. What’s more, the brand unconditionally supports football matches. And in the sport, two powerful partners are connected. And in order to express the welcome to the young football superstar, the brand’s original spokesperson football player Bailey personally went to Paris to participate in the event. The meeting between the two superstars made the fans very excited. Even the CEO of the brand, Ricardo Guadalupe is quite praised for this cooperation.

“Kilian Mbape is the first active football player to be the brand spokesman. After becoming the Ambassador of Hublot, Kilian joined the ranks of football. Especially the football king of Bailey. The two stars recently showed a common value through social networks.
At the same time, welcome the participation of Kilian Mbape, who conveys a strong message: the power of time, dreams, enthusiasm, and the magic of movement. All of these are the values that motivate athletes to head up and work hard.
When you see Kilian, you first realize that he is a good person, who reflects the future that is full of possibilities. Bringing the Hublot family together, Pele and Kilian, who is the youngest ambassador. Though it is just one of the unique moments in life, it is enough to freeze time and mark history”.

Ricardo Guadalupe as The CEO of Hublot

Finally, the blogger will send people some benefits, showing some of Mbape outside the stadium.

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