Leopard print is almost synonymous with “sexy”. The leopard pattern climbs onto the HUBLOT Hub, which is a strong fashion style and becomes the wildest call in the heart of the lovers! Hublot new “Leopard” series theme watch – “Big Bang Leopard ” and “Steel Snow Leopard” are the best fashion classics works that are both wild and cool.

The unbeaten wild beauty of the classic Big Bang Leopard
Hublot has dissolved the “leopard” element into the field of women watches and launched the Hublot Big Bang Leopard themed rose gold watch 341.cp.7610.nr.1976.
This watch features a leopard print and exudes the beauty of sex and modern that will give people the feeling of the unparalleled femininity.

The other 341. HX.7717.NR.MRI13 watch is the second Leopard-themed watch in the Hublot Big Bang family. It inherits the family appearance of Big Bang Snow Leopard, but the case is made of white ceramic. And use a deeper grayish black to outline the leopard print.

The Big Bang Leopard watch uses top-of-the-line transfer technology to bring the leopard to life. The subtle texture, fur color, touch feeling, and perfect blending with the case of timing.

The Big Bang Leopard rose gold version timepiece features the same color of Stanley, rectangular yellow crystals and tea crystals set on the dial and case, which are more luxury and modern.
The perfect combination breeds the period of African sundial, golden-colored predators and the natural beauty of the natural environment. At the same time, it can also meet the natural and free-spirited female consumers who yearn for wild beauty.

Hublot Steel Snow Leopard uses white ceramics with gray-black leopard prints, as if there really is a leopard standing in a snowy world, very image. Paired with precious natural gemstones and diamonds, it perfectly echoes the protection color of the snow leopard on the plateau with the gray and black spots on the plateau. Moreover, the touch feeling of this watch is very smooth. The coolness of the ceramic is matched with the delicate velvet strap for a comfortable wearing experience.

Snow Leopard, the endangered snow leopard is the most representative animal in the Asian highland plateau. It is a high-ranking demeanor. For example, the glamorous beauty can not be close, but the enthusiasm of the inner heart remains to be developed and close to the lover.

While I love this animal, so I prefer the white timepiece than the rose gold one.

Hublot unbeaten classic leopard is still the biggest winner this year with a sexy and irresistible femininity. To catch up with this year’s “sex mix and match style”, the suits worn at work and the evening dresses can be mixed together. The perfect and wild leopard print is a must-have item for fashion leaders in 2019!