Time is running and innovation is not limited. The well-known Swiss watch brand HUBLOT brings eight new straps to the Big Bang series of revolutionary “one-button” quick-change straps. It is worth mentioning that six of the colourfully embroidered straps are created by Hublot and the Bischoff embroidery brand in St. Gallen, Switzerland, presenting a superb embroidery technique. The other two are new fleece straps with Orylag furThrough the different watchband choice, Hublot watch for the female advocate rich wear choice, follow the interpretation of their own charm. Hublot has successfully penetrated woman’s basic needs for versatility, as well as the desire to change while maintaining individuality. In view of this, the “one-button” quick-replaceable strap system allows the wearer to change the strap easily and quickly, adding magic to the daily lives. The 2019 Spring Summer Collection’s “One Button” quick change strap has six embroidered styles and is a veritable fashion accessory. The strap was born with the support of the Bischoff embroidery workshop, and the embroidery family from St. Gallen, Switzerland, is famous for making precious fabrics for celebrities in the fashion and high fashion world. These embroidered styles come in three colour schemes – Fuchsia / Bordeaux Red, Green / Pink, Green Pine / Blue, and are equipped with a tweed pattern or ethnic style. A total of six straps provide a casual wear experience, helping modern females enjoy a varied and stylish life. The “one-button” quick change strap is machined from the Lässer 2-yard embroidery machine and the manufacturing process is simple and complex. The first step is to design a pattern – the “one-button” strap provides two patterns, so two models need to be designed – then the technical designer reviews the pattern and determines the embroidery points needed on the embroidery machine. In addition, a craftsman is responsible for preparing and operating the embroidery machine, and one additional person is required to inspect and cut the final embroidery.



The tweed strap is made of a fine clothed stitch, while the ethnic-pattern strap uses a bean stitch to create a cosmic visual effect. Both patterns are embroidered on the silk organza fabric produced by Como. Hublot also adds a new colour scheme to the Orylag® long-haired rabbit fluffy plush sleeve. The invaluable skills of the fur craftsmen give the strap a new trend of colour – fuchsia and turquoise – complementing the soft black or white fluff to make the wearer remarkable enchanting every day. As one of Switzerland’s top two crafts, watchmaking and St. Gallen embroidery are the perfect match. Hublot’s heart and soul combine two exquisite skills and launch a new strap series, which allows female wearers to choose the straps and accessories to create a unique style and charm.