Women can show their beauty through jewellery, and men can also use cufflinks to show their taste. In many formal occasions, men only have cufflinks and accessories in addition to wedding rings and watches. As a rare decoration for men, cufflinks not only show the exquisiteness of modern craftsmanship but also reflect the taste of the wearer. The cufflinks are used on the French shirt, replacing an item in the cuff section, which is about the size of a normal button. Because the material of the cufflinks is mostly precious metals, gems, etc., the cufflinks have been worn by the aristocratic aura since the day of birth. Until now, the wearing of cufflinks is also an important condition for people to measure the male’s taste.

Cufflink history   From the14th to the 17th century, during the Gothic-Renaissance to the Baroque period, men and women did not use lace to make sleeve decorations. Instead, they used ribbons or strings to fasten their cuffs to prevent dust and cold wind from entering the sleeves. Then the ancient Greeks began to decorate the cuffs with jewels and knotted knots, and gradually appeared Cuff LinkAt that time, the gentlemen needed something more upscale to tie the cuff instead of the traditional ribbon, and the cufflinks originally had a chain, so the earlier cufflinks were more commonly referred to as cuff links. Compared to ordinary ribbons, the cufflinks can show their personal identity and taste more clearly. So the cufflinks at that time became one of the most popular aristocratic men’s dressing art in Europe, which is equivalent to the symbol of the upper class.

At the end of the industrial revolution in the late 18th century, productivity developed rapidly, people’s material life began to enrich, French double-layer cufflinks began to appear, and cufflinks gradually became an important fashion decoration for gentlemen. Prince Charles also often uses the cufflinks. The earliest information about cufflinks was recorded in the 1684 London Gazette, which recorded a pair of cufflinks with diamonds.

How to wear cufflinksCufflinks should be used on cufflink shirts, such as French shirts, which require cufflinks to hold the two cuffs together. The specific wearing method is that if the cuff is in contact with the skin, it is called the A side, and the other side is called the B side. The cufflink shirt is the A side of the cuffs that are in contact with each other. When the cuffs opened on both sides are closed, the cuffs on both sides are evenly aligned. Then, align the buttonholes, put the cuff pins into the buttonholes and fix them. It is worth noting that when the shirt is selected, the cuffs are folded outwards, and the edges of the cuffs must be flush, and when the arms are naturally dropping, the side with the decorative cufflink should face outward.