Suits as the most frequently worn items for men in the workplace, do need men to study, even the inconspicuous details will make the entire suit with a failure if is worn wrongly, such as cuffs. Are you sure you really know how to deal with the details of the suit cuffs? As the picture showed, The fashion items usually involved in the there cuffs principle of the suit are the watch, shirt sleeve, and suit sleeve.

The first layer: the watch. The shape of the watch is more three-dimensional than that of the shirt and suit. In addition to the characteristics of the men in the workplace, it also increases the space for the wrist. The size of the watch must be suitable for the thickness of your wrist, and the thickness of the dial should not be too large, which will cause the sleeve of the shirt to squeeze.

The second layer: shirt sleeves. Shirt sleeves and cufflinks are inseparable, and men need to choose the refined cufflinks instead of relying solely on the plastic buckles that the shirt originally sewed. The fashion cufflinks stretch the shirt cuffs to the sides, giving the watch plenty of room for entry and exit, as well as the shaping of the entire cufflinks.

The third layer: suit sleeves.

Suit sleeves have a basic standard, must not cover the shirt sleeves, to give the shirt a length of 2 ~ 75px, so the level will be very clear, but also to ensure that watches, cufflinks and other details of jewelry have a chance to display. One basic point to pay attention to is the fit of the suit and shirt in color and pattern. The two are best in a complementary relationship, that is, if the suit is dark, the shirt should be light; if the suit has a check, the shirt should be solid or light. Cufflinks can be considered a man’s jewelry, so the premium jewelry brand will also create the corresponding cufflinks for men. For example, Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany, etc., from silver to gold, to inlaid gemstones, the price span is relatively large. In addition, as the cufflinks are worn close to the watch, the watch brand will offer matching cufflinks. For example, Omega, Montblanc, and jewelry brands, their basic models like to use stainless steel, the price starting point will not be particularly high, a few hundred dollars can buy a basic simple model, such as Montblanc stainless steel LOGO sleeves buckle.

However, the top watches like Patek Philippe, the cufflinks are not made of steel, all made of precious metals, which cost a few thousand dollars, and the diamonds start with 10,000 US dollars, and the cufflinks of 50,000 dollars are also existing. In addition, if you can’t afford the extremely expensive price, choose very cost-effective replica cufflinks is also a very popular choice, the design of which is richer and more varied than the original ones sometimes.