When you need to wear a monotonous dress, clothes and shoes should not be too bright and eye-catching. But you can also express your taste and personality through the details, One pair of refined cufflinks is a good choice. In addition to the basic metal and jewelry design, we recommend these novelty and wacky cufflinks that will make your wrists instantly lively.

Swarovski N THE SKULL Collection cufflinks

These playful and creative cufflinks feature a ruthenium-plated metal skull-head with black pavé crystals and a mouth with square black mineral crystals. The cufflinks contrasted sharply with the formal and refined outfit. It is this contrast that makes the wearer instantly “interesting” and “tasteful.” Who will resist the man who is wonderful inside and exquisite in appearance?

Paul Smith Naked lady Cufflinks

What makes Paul Smith most sought after is the rebellious spirit that is the British humor of designer Paul Smith. Paul Smith’s clothes are exquisitely cut and fine, and the texture is excellent. It fits perfectly with the gentleman’s style and solemnity, but in the details, it hides many elements worthy of play, such as these nude female cufflinks…like he often said: ” I hope to bring people surprises.”

Shanghai Tang Table Tennis Cufflinks

The red enamel and silver-plated brass cufflinks are designed with table tennis bats, which are full of Chinese style and fun while exuding classic fashion charm.

Givenchy silver horn cufflinks

Riccardo Tisci incorporates the horn design into the cufflinks collection, and the exquisite detail that complements your overall look complements the chic and youthful accents.

Thomas Pink British Guard Cufflinks

Thomas Pink has launched a sterling silver cufflink that is both fun and textured, with a British guard image. When wearing a monotonous suit, using such a pair of chic cufflinks will make you instantly become the focus of attention.

Swarovski Football Cufflinks

As a fan, you must not miss these luxurious crystal cufflinks, with football as the shape, dark black crystal and silver to bring a sporty style to the simple and elegant suit.

Paul Smith Match Cufflinks

A fun-filled match with red accents on the gold body, giving your cuffs a bright surprise. Matching such a cufflink on a dark dress reflects your playful and brisk personality.